Music Composition & Performance

Practising flute and guitar while camping

Performance Experience

Music Work Experience

Music Education

Selected Compositions

  • The Wind’s Twelve Quarters (Choral, SAB). Poem by A. E. Housman. Music and video by Lise Kreps. Performed by the Ultrasounds.
  • Dreams’ Journey. Cycle of six songs with flute, recorder and piano accompaniment. Poems by Lise Kreps, Anon (15th C), William Blake, Emily Dickinson, Matsuo Basho, Langston Hughes. Music by Lise Kreps.
  • Aqua Coelis. “Musique Concrete” composition for cello, percussion, and field-recorded sounds of water, ice, insects and birds. Music by Lise Kreps.
  • Ridiculous little ditties, like I Remember The Paperless Office (I also wrote the lyrics)

Selected Performances

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