Updated 1/01



LIS 536 is a credit/no-credit course, because much of the learning is accomplished by making mistakes. LIS 536 is also a highly structured course requiring the cooperation of all participants: we review each others work, and share a box of articles. If you get "behind" you will hold up your classmates. Therefore, there are very explicit requirements for earning a "credit" grade.

You must fulfill ALL of the following requirements to receive the "credit" grade:

  1. Hand in all ten assignments, on time. (If you encounter difficulties, or have an illness or emergency, contact me as much in advance as possible.)
  2. Have a satisfactory evaluation for at least 80% of the assignments.Satisfactory = Checkmark by your name.Unsatisfactory = U by your name. This means I felt that you did not understand, did not follow instructions for, or omitted a significant aspect of the assignment.
  3. Return all borrowed articles (used for assignments) to the article box, before class time on the date that assignment is due. Your classmates are depending on this to begin and complete their assignments on time, and you will depend on them.
  4. Enter your abstracts and indexing as assigned to the class database.
  5. Present a short class discussion on one of the assigned chapter or article readings. "Short" means under five minutes; it can be less but please do not make it more.
  6. Give a short oral final presentation ("Show and Tell") on any aspect of indexing or abstracting that you found interesting. Again, "short" means under five minutes; it can be less but please do not make it more

Take heart; if you stay on top of the work, and have an idea of what's going on, you will pass.