This week you'll be entering the edited version of the descriptors for
four of the articles you indexed in Assignment 7. I've already emailed you
each to tell you which four.

Here's how:
1. From any machine in the ISchool, open My Network Places. Choose Courses
on Fileserv.

2. Open LIS536/Fall2000/fall2000.tba

3. Choose Search > New Query.

4. In the AN field, type the range of your articles, e.g.

5. In the DA and DB fields, type your descriptors.

If you have any trouble, USE THE HELP SYSTEM IN INMAGIC to figure out what
commands you need to use.

Unfortunately this is an old program, so the lab assistants probably won't
know much about it.

Please DO NOT load your descriptors as a text file. Just type them into
the database. Multiple students can enter descriptors at once.