LIS 536 Assign 9


We would like to see whether indexer consistency is affected by the method of indexing: document-oriented with a policy (Assignment 7) versus the request-oriented checklist method (Assignment 8), and whether indexers are more consistent between major descriptors versus all descriptors. Each article has been indexed by two students in each assignment. Your task is to compute indexer consistency scores for the articles you indexed.

1. Compare all the descriptors assigned by you and your counterpart (aka "indexing twin") to each article in the Assignment 7. Use only your original indexing, not any edits you may have received from me. For each article, compute indexer consistency score using the formula:

Number of unique descriptors assigned in common by both indexers divided by

Total number of distinct descriptors assigned for the article

For example: for one article, if both indexers assigned the same 6 descriptors, and one indexer assigned 3 different descriptors while the other indexer assigned 1 different descriptor, then the consistency score is 60%. Count only exact descriptor matches; "close" is no cigar.

2. Repeat this procedure but this time count only the major descriptors (marked with an asterisk or placed in the DA field) assigned by each indexer to the article.

3. Compute an overall average consistency score for each article, by averaging its two consistency scores (all descriptors, and major descriptors only).

4. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 for the articles you indexed in Assignment 8.

5. When the scores for all the articles are computed, find the total consistency scores for each method (all descriptors, major descriptors only) in each assignment (7 and 8) by averaging the scores for the articles in each column.

Hand in the consistency scores by filling in the tables below. Work together with your "twin", and hand in one sheet with two names on it. You may find it enlightening to discuss why you chose different descriptors for certain articles. I will email you to tell you who your indexing twin is.


NOTE: Before the next class (Feb. 20th), please enter your descriptors for the 4 articles that you indexed in ASSIGNMENT 7 into the class database in the LIS Lab. I have emailed you already individually to tell you which 4 to do. The records are already in the database. Just type your major descriptors in the DA field (omit the asterisks), and your minor descriptors (if any) in the DB field. Do not repeat descriptors from the DA field in the DB field. Use the "edited" version of your descriptors. Descriptors must be in the database NO LATER THAN 6 PM on Feb. 20th, so that you and your classmates can begin searching the database for Assignment 10.





Article #s Indexed:

All Descriptors

Major Descriptors Only