Assign 8

LIS 536


Assignment 8: INDEXING III


For this assignment, your task is to index eight articles using the checklist (or request-oriented) technique. First, familiarize yourself with the article to be indexed and then check each class of descriptors (and its individual members) in the classification scheme to decide which descriptors are relevant to the article at hand. At each classification level, mentally rephrase the descriptor as a question and ask yourself, "would this article answer this question?" Beyond that, please follow the indexing policy given with Assignment 7. You may also use the list of disease categories again for descriptors.

I will email you individually to tell you the eight articles you should index.

Hand in two copies of this assignment, along with a copy of Assignment 7. Please be sure your papers have the article numbers you indexed for each assignment, the assignment number, and your name, at the top. For Assignment 9, you'll be handing copies of your (unmarked) Assignment 7 and 8 to your indexing "twin" (to be revealed then) who has indexed the same articles as you, to compare your indexing consistency.