SLIS Assign 7

LIS 536

Assignment 7: INDEXING II

For this assignment, you will index eight different articles. This time a brief Indexing Policy is attached. Please follow the policy as closely as possible. If you encounter problems that are not addressed by the policy, please write down the issues involved and report your decision.

Select your descriptors for indexing only from the thesaurus in the Reading Packet (or online class reserve), which is a subset of the MESH Thesaurus, and from the list of disease classifications handout. Write the descriptors exactly as they appear in the thesaurus or list. Do not use any other descriptors, even if they are part of the complete set of MESH headings.

However, as an indexing aid, you may use the full online MESH to look up descriptors' hierarchy and scope notes, and look at PubMed to see how descriptors have been applied to articles. You can also use the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Medicine (or any other reference source) to help you understand medical terms. URLS for these are given at the bottom of the LIS 536 online syllabus ( And, on your assignment you may write comments to me about MESH descriptors (or other terms) that you wish you could have used. (A limited print thesaurus is more manageable for class assignments, fairer for students who don't have unlimited Web access, and foreshadows the frustrations of indexing with limited vocabularies in the real world. )


Type your entries double-spaced, as in the following example:

AN 46 [article number]

TI Voluntary Childessness [title]

DA Counseling; Family Planning; Women's Health Services

DB Nursing Care;


I will email you individually to let you know which eight articles to index.





Please keep an extra copy of your Assignment 7, as you will need it for Assignment 9.