LIS 536 Assign 6



PART 1: please write the generic postings for the following descriptors from our thesaurus, "Health Care Services and Facilities: Thesaurus of Index Terms," available in the Reading Packet, or online class reserve ( get "Health Care Services and Facilities -- Thesaurus of Index Terms.pdf" and "Classified Arrangement.pdf"):

Patient participation

Patient education

Mass screening

Here's how:

1) Write down the original term, and its classification number(s).

2) If and only if the original descriptor has narrower terms, write "gen. ref" after the number(s), to distinguish it from other broad terms that are not the original descriptor.

3) Look up each broader term for the original descriptor, and write down its classification number(s). Then write down "incl.". "Incl" means, we only included it because it's a broader term of the original term.

4) Look up the broader terms for each of those, and write down their number(s).

5) Continue until you reach the top of each "tree" -- the very broadest term -- which will have a classification number consisting of a single letter (e.g. N). Remember, a descriptor may belong to more than one tree.

For example:

Hospitals, Teaching: N11.11.11, N11.24.20 (gen. ref.)

Academic Medical Centers: N11.11. (incl.)

Hospitals: N11.24. (incl.)

Health Facilities: N11. (incl.)

Facilities, Manpower and Services: N (incl)

You can write your generic postings on the other side of this page, or on a separate page.


PART 2: Please index the article "The Role of Community Volunteers in Health Interventions: A Hypertension Screening and Follow-up Program" handed out a while ago as a sample article with abstract. Select your descriptors for indexing only from our thesaurus (which is a subset of the MESH Thesaurus), and from the list of MESH disease categories I'll give you. Write the descriptors exactly as they appear in the thesaurus or list. Do not use any other descriptors, even if they are part of the complete set of MESH headings.

You do not need to write generic postings for these index entries; just assign the descriptors you think best describe this article.

Write your major descriptors next to DA, and your minor descriptors next to DB.