Assign 5

LIS 536

Assignment 5: ABSTRACTING II

Write abstracts for four articles to be free-text searched. Follow the policy attached to the previous abstracting assignment, but make exceptions when they seem important for online retrieval. Start by jotting down terms you think should be incorporated into the abstract; then write and edit your abstract. Think about incorporating specific terms that do not appear in the Thesaurus of indexing terms and that would be useful for free-text retrieval. Try to limit your abstract to 100 words or less.

You might want to look at the abstracting suggestions for making your language direct and concise, and the abstract definitions to review the differences between indicative and informative and the generic structure for abstracts.

Hand in four typed abstracts. Later on you will actually submit these abstracts for input into our database and retrieval in our final assignment. You may want to type your abstracts in the format that the database will use, as described in the "InMagic" handout, to save yourself retyping later. NOTE: the printed abstracts you hand in should be double-spaced, and include the number of words; however, the text files you create for InMagic should be single-spaced and omit the number of words.

The articles are available in the LIS 536 Box in the MGH 330 V conference area. Please do not mark, damage, or lose the articles, as your classmates will need to use them for later assignments.

I will email each of you individually to tell you which articles you should abstract.