Assign 4

LIS 536




Evaluate the two abstracts (informative and indicative) written for article #134 (Marshall) by one of your classmates, which you will receive in class. You will only know your classmate's Secret Letter Code, not his or her name.

In your evaluation, please refer to the following issues:

1. the degree to which the abstract follows the abstracting policy, including length;
2. inclusion of significant information and exclusion of unimportant information;
3. errors;
4. consistency of style;
5. readability, including concise use of language.

You might want to look at the abstracting suggestions for making your language direct and concise, and the abstract definitions to review the differences between indicative and informative and the generic structure for abstracts.

Try to be as objective and constructive as possible in your feedback. Be sure to point out positive aspects of the abstracts, as well as any suggestions for improvements. Be kindly and considerate of your abstractor's feelings, as you hope someone will be of yours.

Hand in: two copies of your evaluation.

On the first copy indicate your Secret Letter Code (the evaluator) and the Secret Letter Code of your classmate (the abstractor). If you wish to make editorial marks on the abstracts abstracts you evaluated, please attach a photocopy of them to this copy. This copy goes to your classmate.

On the other copy, write down your Secret Letter Code (the evaluator), the Secret Letter Code of your classmate (the abstractor), and your name, and attach the originals of the abstracts you evaluated. This copy goes to me.