Assign 3

LIS 536

Assignment 3: ABSTRACTING I


For this assignment, each one of you is asked to abstract three journal articles: articles 145 (Iams) , 147 (Baumiller), and 134 (Marshall). The articles are in your reading packet, and/or on electronic reserve at

Abstracting instructions from the manual for abstracting used by the International Development Research Centre are attached. Please follow this policy closely.

For articles 145 and 147, write one abstract each, using the policy (informative rather than indicative abstract whenever possible).

For article #134 only, write two abstracts: an informative and an indicative abstract. Be sure to mark which is which.

Try to limit yourself to 100 or fewer words, per your abstracting policy.

You might want to look at the abstracting suggestions for making your language direct and concise, and the abstract definitions to review the differences between indicative and informative and the generic structure for abstracts.

Important notes about how to format your abstracts:

Hand in:

(1) One copy of typed abstracts for articles 145, and 147, with both your name and your Secret Letter Code. I will email your Secret Letter Code to each of you individually.

(2) Two copies of the two abstracts for article #134: one copy with both your name and your Secret Letter Code, and another with only your Secret Letter Code (no name). Next week the copy with the code only will go to another student in class, for anonymous peer evaluation.