LIS 536


 In order to familiarize you with the characteristics of abstracting and indexing services, please compare the printed version of two services: PSYCHOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS and HISTORICAL ABSTRACTS (both available at the reference area, Suzzallo Library). In your comparison, please refer to the issues listed below. If you cannot find information needed for a particular characteristic, please indicate; availability of information is a characteristic of its own. If you don't know something for sure, make an educated guess. If there are additional features that you would like to discuss, please feel free to do so. 

Issues for Comparison

Psychological Abstracts

Historical Abstracts

Type of issuing body



Subject scope



Coverage of materials



Time lag from article publication to abstract publication



Amount of information in each abstract entry



Abstract policy, authorship, length



Types & availability of indexes



Type of subject index



Indexing policy



Arrangement of abstract entries within each issue



Is the service also available online? If so how do you access it?




Write up your assignment in table format, as above. Please make your assignment as short and informative as possible; brief notes are fine. We will mark this assignment in class, at our next meeting.